Top 10 Best Bulma Brief Cosplay Collection

Bulma Brief, or more commonly known as just Bulma, is one of the recurring characters in the Dragon Ball. Bulma is also one of the first characters that the protagonist, Son Goku, encounters when he was still a kid.  Dragonball Bulma Cosplay – Amy Thunderbolt Despite not possessing any powers, Bulma is an important character in the… Read More »

10 Best Dragon Ball Goku Cosplay by Female Cosplayers

Some Dragon Ball characters are crazy detailed and difficult to cosplay but that hasn’t stopped these dedicated fans from making magic! 1. Dragon Ball fans know Goku isn’t the kind of guy to worry about style, but that doesn’t mean the Saiyan is out of fashion. Despite favoring a bright orange gi for everyday wear,… Read More »

6 Dragon Ball Character Fanarts That Are Too Extreme

The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most popular in the world. And, although all of the anime series mainly focus on the epic battles between male characters, the ladies also play a huge part throughout! Let’s pay tribute to these Dragon Ball girls! Android 18 Bulma Videl ChiChi Caulifla Kale

The Best Dragon Ball Cosplayer In The World

This is Sosenka. What makes Sosenka’s work so great is its range. She does all sorts of Dragon Ball characters, typically showing off her impressive special effects and make-up skills. Android 18 Bulma Majin Buu Whis Beerus Android 17 Android 21 Imperfect Cell Master Roshi Vados But why stop at Dragon Ball? Her other cosplay creations are also… Read More »

Hottest Anime and Comic book Cosplay

Kaitlyn Siragusa (aka Amouranth) She is not only a popular Twitch star but she is also famous as model and cosplayer. She gained popularity first because of her cosplays. Android 18 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

10 Best Bardock Cosplays

Bardock is a low-class Saiyan warrior, the husband of Gine, and the father of Raditz and Goku. He makes his debut as the main protagonist of the Movie Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku. He is an adept fighter and a devoted Saiyan Army soldier under Frieza’s Force until he realizes that Frieza plans the annihilation of the Saiyan race. Here are the some of the Cosplays… Read More »

7 Confessions From Girls With Big Bo*bs!

If you are someone who has big bobs, you know having assets like these has both its perks and perils. Some women are confessing what it’s *really* like to have big boobs and you gotta read them. They are super relatable things. Read them all here. 1. This is so damn true!!! 2. Totally! Being… Read More »

Dragon Ball: Five Story lines That were Abandoned

While Dragon Ball’s main narrative isn’t particularly convoluted, several incomplete story lines have been referenced along the way. Most haven’t been expanded upon more than when they were briefly mentioned, and as the years go on, we’ve begun to think that we’ll just be left in the dark when it comes to a few of… Read More »