10 Amazing Powers You Didn’t Know Goku Had

The legendary Super Saiyan, protector of Earth, and one of the strongest characters in anime Son Goku has a lot of different powers and abilities. His fighting techniques range from shooting off energy blasts that can destroy planets to beating someone up while playing rock, paper, scissors.

While most people with a cursory knowledge of the extended Dragon Ball Universe know about his various transformations and his iconic Kamehameha Wave, he has a few lesser known techniques in his repertoire as well. These 10 subtler powers don’t appear often in Dragon Ball, but when Goku does use them, they give him the edge he needs to eke out a victory against some impossibly powerful foes.

10. KIAI

You know how in Dragon Ball characters sometimes shout or throw a punch from a distance and the force travels through the air to strike an opponent? While it’s called the Kiai, which literally translates to “fighting spirit”. This technique involves a fighter using their energy to create a shockwave that can strike an opponent or spread through an area.

Goku first uses this technique against Chichi in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, although he goes on to use a much more powerful version of this technique against Jiren in the Tournament of Power after he achieves the Ultra Instinct transformation.


The Evil Containment Wave first appeared in the original Dragon Ball as a means for Master Roshi and Tien Shinhan to seal away the evil King Piccolo. Goku learns this technique much later in Dragon Ball Super when he discovers that Future Zamasu used the super dragon balls to gain immortality.

While he does master the move, he is unable to contain Future Zamasu for long as he forgot to bring the talisman necessary to lock the evil god inside of the jar he brought. Goku doesn’t use this technique often, as he he’d rather defeat his opponents outright than seal them away, but it’s still a valuable technique in his repertoire of moves.


The Dragon Fist is a non-canonical attack, but it’s so cool that it deserves a spot on this list. When performing this technique, Goku creates a golden version of the dragon Shenron to bind his opponent or add range and power to his punch.

This is one of the few techniques Goku invented himself and it first appeared in the film Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon to defeat the giant monster Hirudegarn. It would then appear in critical fights in Dragon Ball GT where he uses it in his fights Super Android 17 and a few of the Shadow Dragons.

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