The One Beyond The Omni King

By | November 28, 2019
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The Dragon Ball Franchise has its fair share of powerful beings and divine entities including the Kais, God of destructions and even the angels. However, none of them can even compare to the most powerful entity in the entire series; the Omni King Zeno. Throughout the anime and the manga, we have seen time and time again how powerful and omniscient the Omni King really is.

However, the Omni King is not entirely omnipotent. Although he has the power to destroy entire Universes at will, we have yet to see him perform any divine acts of creation. This leads directly to the fact that there might be another entity in the Dragon Ball multiverse that is beyond the Omni King.

The Dragon God Zalama is possibly the only character in the entire series to show signs of complete omnipotence. For those of you who might not know, Zalama is the original creator of the Super Dragon Balls. The same Dragon Balls that were granted to the Victor of the Tournament of Power. Zuno briefly mentioned Zalama and how he created the Super Dragon Balls eons ago, scattering them across Universe 6 and 7.

The Full power and extent of Zalama is yet unknown but we do know that he created the Super Dragon Balls which could grant any wish. Unlike the normal Dragon Balls which are limited in power to its creator, the Super Dragon Balls can grant any wish, even the death of the Omni King!

The Normal Dragon Balls were unable to Kill Frieza due to the fact that Kami, the creator of the earth Dragon Balls, was weaker than Frieza. If the Super Dragon Balls can grant the death of Zeno, then that must mean the creator of the Super Dragon Balls is ways stronger than Zeno.

This means that Zalama is truly omnipotent and has absolutely no limits making him the most powerful and strongest character in the entire series. We still don’t know if Zalama will make an appearance in the future, but with the way the series is headed towards divinity, there is a chance that Zalama may be introduced sooner or later.

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