You Can’t Miss These Romantic Moments Between Bulma and Vegeta!

By | January 14, 2020

These Dragon Ball fan images have set a new standard for DBZ fan art in the community. Vegeta and Bulma have never looked so great.

Here are some jaw-dropping Vegeta And Bulma pictures that are too steamy for words.

For Starter, we have a stunning portrait which shifts the famous and beloved couple into a slice-of-life setting.

Vegeta’s silly pride ensures that Bulma always plays the active role in their romance. If she wants to do anything with her Saiyan, the scientist has to take the lead.

Anyway, that is generally how the couple behaves while out in public. Dragon Ball Z and Super rarely dedicate any time to Vegeta and Bulma’s personal relationship.

Vegeta could not wait to show off his Super Saiyan transformation. The arrogant Prince was beaten to the punch by Goku and his own son; so, after months of hard work, you better believe that Vegeta was going to tell everyone. The Androids got the worst of it, but Bulma got to see a different side to the Saiyan.

Incredibly, this single frame says more about their relationship than the entire Dragon Ball Z series. Obsessive-fan-girl’s wallpaper offers more than first meets the eye.

With his blushing red cheeks and fancy suit, Vegeta looks handsome and smart. As the lady of the hour, Bulma is the very definition of beauty and charm. She could make any wedding dress seem like the pinnacle of the industry. The supporting players paint an interesting picture.

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