Is Gohan Going To Be More Powerful Than Goku In The Future?

Hey guys! How’s it going on? i’m positive you guys are enjoying Dragon Ball Super: Broly as it’s finally out in English Dub. it has earned a lot of cash within the united states alone and it had crossed the 100 million mark and it’s going to release in the uk, Australia, etc. in a few days. the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga was also released a couple of days back however now i would like to talk about someone else.

I want to speak about a certain Saiyan who had most potential and power that he could probably be the strongest fighter of Universe 7 however you know, life happened. Gohan, the badass Saiyan, the first one to attain the state of Super Saiyan 2 was turned into a geek as he centered on academics. Well, i believe when he turned Super Saiyan 2 for the first time, we all instantly fell infatuated with the boy however currently, we are simply getting disappointed.

Our hopes were relit when he got his awesome Mystic form that was supposedly even stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku but he was again turned into a geek in Dragon Ball Super. You can find some fans that aren’t that disappointed and remains hoping that Gohan will return to his former badass self. Some don’t care at all because they’re more of a Goku and Vegeta fans. You’ll realize just a tiny fraction of viewers who understand Gohan’s character.

Gohan lacks his father’s enthusiasm to induce stronger and stronger. He was never born a fighter, he’s someone that’s happier once holding a book than wearing a training Gi. however what he has that his father never had is that this potential that he was born with.

This makes me raise a question: had he ever tried to train as hard or harder than his father and Vegeta, can he be able to stand against Beerus within the current time?

Originally, Toriyama planned Gohan as the main protagonist of Dragon Ball Super as he wanted to start focusing on the new generation. However, he realized that it wouldn’t work out. He said that “Gohan, compared to Goku, was ultimately not suited to become the hero of the “Dragon Ball Super” series”. 


The truth is that many Japanese fans didn’t want Gohan to be the main protagonist and Toriyama took that into account. Fans have also analysed that Toriyama clearly doesn’t look Gohan that much. In fact Toriyama stated himself that Gohan is his 6th most favourite character in the Dragon Ball Franchise.

What if he trained with Whis on Beerus’ planet and also accessed the Super Saiyan God? can he be the most powerful Saiyan and earthling within the whole Universe 7? This thought isn’t only possible however actually, more possible than Goku’s chance to be the very best that he will ever be. On Gohan’s state once his potential was unlocked by the old Kai, he’s the only one who stood an opportunity alone against Buu. i do know this is often a very old argument, however it’s still very true.

And whereas Goku and Vegeta always aim for a higher form that may definitely have a better multiplier, Gohan’s mystic form will be the very form he’ll ever want. Sure, Goku and Vegeta are much, much stronger than him, however they can only carry that power in a short amount of time. And rather than trying to induce a brand new form, Gohan may build his Mystic form more powerful infinitely.

Gohan’s mystic form can gain more power the more he trains. and since of his potential, he will be just like Frieza who managed to get so strong in training for 6 months. Imagine if Gohan trained with Whis in one year. i feel he will get all the training that he lacks, and all the achievements Vegeta and Goku made.

I also assume that Gohan is more suited to be the future God of Destruction. He includes a nice mind, an excellent power, and also, a way of duty that makes him carry his obligations. If there’s one factor that may be a hindrance about this concept, that may be because he wouldn’t like what he would do.

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