Son Gohan’s Most Badass Moments In Dragon Ball

For all his powers, Gohan has a certain aura of reluctance when it comes to embracing the warrior life. Everyone else in the Dragon Ball universe is positively inclined towards over training and fighting. Gohan, on the other hand, tends to see fighting as a tool of the trade, rather than as an all-encompassing way… Read More »

The One Beyond The Omni King

[pl_row] [pl_col col=12] [pl_text] The Dragon Ball Franchise has its fair share of powerful beings and divine entities including the Kais, God of destructions and even the angels. However, none of them can even compare to the most powerful entity in the entire series; the Omni King Zeno. Throughout the anime and the manga, we… Read More »

Dragon Ball: Goku Reaches His Highest Form Yet

Dragon Ball: Goku Reaches His Highest Form Yet. Episode 12 which is also the second last episode of the Anime War series has probably introduced the strongest form of Goku yet. Omni Breaker Goku is the newest form that Goku was able to achieve as he was able to break through the Omni God form.… Read More »

Most Amazing Android 18 Cosplays

Android 18 is one of the most popular female character from any anime,  today we will be taking a look into 14 amazing Android 18 Cosplays. 1. Android 18 Cosplay by DanielleDeNicola 2. 3. Android 18 Cosplay By Amouranth 4. 5. Android 18 Cosplay by elleimarie 6. 7. Android 18 Cosplay By Katiucha 8. Android 18… Read More »