Strongest God Of Destruction Revealed In Latest Dragon Ball Super Manga

Even though the Gods of Destruction are the foremost powerful being in their designated universes, it doesn’t mean that they stand on equal footing. The Gods of Destruction is ranked based on their power. The God of Destruction that we see the most is Beerus, being the God of Universe seven. we haven’t seen the ability of other Gods of Destruction yet.

But on the recent chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, we are given a clue on who could be the strongest God of Destruction right away. within the manga, the Tournament of Power is simply about to be announced. Goku visited Zeno-sama’s place to ask about the tournament that he promised. the 2 Zen-chans were enjoying a game when Goku appeared. Reminding the Omni-King about his promise, the nice Priest called all the Gods of Destructions and their angels right away.

Everyone was afraid to see Goku close to the 2 Zeno-sama. once all of the Gods of Destruction, their angels, and the Kais were gathered, Grand Priest declared about the tournament. it was also announced that those defeated universes would be erased on the spot.

It can be remembered that what happened within the anime is an exhibition match between Universe nine and Universe seven. The manga begs to differ because instead of an exhibition match, an exhibition of battle royale was created. And rather than participants from Universe seven and Universe nine, all the Gods of Destruction participated within the mini battle royale.

Because the Universe seven, specifically Goku, is that the reason why there’s a Tournament of Power, all the Gods of Destruction attacked Beerus. most are gunning for Beerus. however even though he’s being ganged up by the Gods of Destruction, Beerus was able to stand his ground.

All the Gods of Destruction are powerful on their own. however once pitted against each other, there’ll always be somebody who is the most powerful of all. it’s early to conclude however after the battle against literally all the Gods of Destruction, Beerus could be the most powerful God within the whole multiverse.

Velmond from Universe eleven, the clown God of Destruction, needs to have a special mention. He was the only one who attacked different God rather than Beerus. This behavior might be something to look upon during the Tournament of Power.

If Beerus is really the strongest God of Destruction, then the mortal who will be stronger than Beerus will be stronger than the other Gods. and that mortal is no aside from Bulma. nobody slaps Lord Beerus harder than her. She needs a special mention. (This part is a fun, guys.)

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