Super Namekian God in Dragon Ball Super

So as we all understand in Dragon Ball Super the most important impact in the series so far is the introduction to the God’s of Destruction, the Angel’s and therefore the Super Saiyan God transformation. What about Super Namekian God?

Another huge impact within the series was the introduction of the Super Dragon Balls and the infinite power they wield! There has been tons of queries surrounding the Super Dragon Balls, mostly “where did they come from?”. Well in this Article I hope to unfold a little insight in to this, and give you, the reader some concepts for this.

As we all understand, within the past Namekian’s were split in to two categories or clans. there’s the warrior clan which piccolo is a a part of, and the Dragon clan that kami was apart of, and currently Dende. As piccolo mentioned way back in Dragon Ball Z it takes a Dragon clan Namekian so as to create the Dragon Balls and unleash the Dragon to grant wishes. so is this a similar as the Super Dragon Balls? Did a bunch of Namekians come together several, a few years ago to create them? I don’t suppose so, and here’s why!

What he can note from past episodes of Dragon Ball Z concerning the Dragon Balls that, it take a (meaning 1), Dragon clan Namekian so as to create the Dragon Balls. If it were possible for multiple Namekians to combine their power in to one Dragon, don’t you think there would of been talks about it, or some lore passed down over the ages?

This is what leads me to believe there either is, or was a super Namekian God. this might explain why each Universe six and seven both have Namekians and why the Super Dragon Balls only reside with Universe six and seven. this is no hint as to where Namekians came from, it looks as if the Namekians and planet Namek simply appeared out of nowhere someday, and also could explain why planet Namek continuously survives tragedy after tragedy like somebody is looking over the Namekians…

Also if there is or was a super Namekian God it might explain the Super Dragon Balls and their infinite power. As we look at the power Dragon clan Namekians can put in to the Dragon Balls already is pretty extraordinary! At one point you may wish for immortality from Earth’s Dragon Balls which is crazy to think about. after seeing what the Super Dragon Balls and what their capable of like restoring a planet in a very fully different Universe, it’s not hard to suppose there was or is this Super Namekian God who gave life to the Super Dragon Balls and also all the Namekian’s in Universe six and seven.

The Dragons have played a big part in the Dragon Ball world right from the beginning, where they have saved countless lives and granted many wishes. Basically, most evil deeds have been erased by the Dragons powers after an enemy is defeated and it’s why we have seen almost every character in the series die at least once.

Ultimate Shenron 

Top 6 Strongest Dragons In Dragon Ball Super : In total there have been six different Dragons summoned from the Dragon Balls throughout the Dragon Ball story. With this here being a list that ranks all the Dragons from the least powerful to the most powerful. (This list does not include the Shenron’s that were born from the negative energy in Dragon Ball GT, as they don’t grant wishes like ones on the list).

6. Kami’s Shenron


Kami’s Shenron was easily the weakest, as it could only grant one wish and his power was limited to the powers of the user. Kami wasn’t ridiculously powerful and that’s why this Shenron was the weakest.

5. Dende’s Shenron 


Dende also isn’t very powerful, however, he did make some big upgrades to Shenron which allowed the finder of the Dragon Ball’s to have two wishes instead of one and there was no longer a limit to how many times a person could be revived.

4. Kami’s Ultimate Shenron 

Ultimate Shenron 
Ultimate Shenron

Ultimate Shenron or Red Shenron as some know him as was created by Kami while he still had some evil in him and was essentially a mistake. Ultimate Shenron could only be summoned through the Black Star Dragon Balls and was much bigger than both Perunga and the regular Shenron. However, when a wish is made to the Red Shenron, the Balls scatter across the universe and must be returned o earth within a year or the earth is destroyed, this makes this Dragon more of a liability than a helpful resource.

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