This live-action ‘Dragon Ball’ fan short may be the best you’ve seen

If you’re still smarting from the 2009 disaster Dragonball Evolution (rest assured, we feel your pain), this impressive live-action fan short may go a long way to soothe your pain.

Produced by Black Smoke Films, “Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Man” boasts solid cinematography, and effects that rival a lot of film and television products. As to the story:

The World isn’t like it’s supposed to be. Something happened along the way.

With these words TRUNKS reminds himself the arrival of CELL, the loss of his friends and his training for combat. While he knows he doesn’t have any chance, he will try to make the difference and bring back the lost hope. This Fan Fiction was born from our desire to adapt DRAGON BALL Z into a film, while adopting a dramatic and realistic approach.

THE FALL OF MEN is set in different future, inspired by characters of the DBZ saga, this untold story pays tribute to AKIRA TORIYAMA’s universe

Watch the nearly 29-minute “Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Man” below.

Dragon Ball Fan Art Shows Possible Live-Action Movie Character Designs! : Dragon Ball Super and games like Dragon Ball FighterZ showing that the franchise is more popular than ever, it seems inevitable that we’re going to one day get a new Dragon Ball live-action movie.

If that happens in the same “whitewashed” fashion as the previous film, well I don’t think the franchise will even let it get to that horrendous point. Even then, if a possibility arises, there could be a small silver lining if that Dragon Ball live action at least looked something like this fantastic artwork by Datrinti, which you can check out, below:

This image shows a live-action version of Goku that captures the characters playful brawler spirit – and, most importantly, the spirit of his signature hairstyle. The artist has captured the skin tone and the playful emotions spectacularly. Finding someone like this and then a lot of gel for that hairstyle would be a good addition!

This image captures how an actor could convey the Saiyan Prince’s signature swagger, and the body type and face type look pretty spot-on. That arrogant looking face and that signature hairstyle would be so awesome really. Not sure the actual laws of gravity would allow that hair to work, though unless until we use a lot of wax or maybe a custom made wig.

This image captures the alien nature of Freeza perfectly, and makes him look like a frightening villain. The red eyes are a perfect touch to the purple lips and bulbous head. This one really creeps me out a lot. Frieza truly is the epitome of ‘creepiness’ and ‘evil’. This design is something which will make every fan get chills.

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